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Superenalotto - Lotto with an Italian Flavor! 

Superenalotto is Italy’s manifestation of the common game of lotto. In a nutshell, this game enables gamblers to place bets on a mixture of numbers which range from 6 to 90.

This is actually a super lottery and the jackpot goes as high as EUR 68,900,000. The first jackpot prize was 1,300,000. There are more than 90 numbers to select from and the chances of winning in the lottery for Suprenalotto are high.

Similar to other lotto games, to raise your chances of winning at Superenalotto needs some Mathematical expertise. This lottery game involves 90 balls and the aim of the game is to match six numbers which are selected from each draw.

Gamblers who manage to match each of the six numbers win the jackpot.

How possible is it to Win with The Suprenalotto?

As the system has an entry of six numbers, the chances of winning are not high. You can just use one combination all through until each probability is drained. Generally, your chances of winning are higher if you utilize entry systems with 15 numbers instead of six numbers.

The Cost of Superenalotto

The systems for 15 numbers are however, costly. Fortunately, with Superenalotto, you can place two bets for only one Euro if you are purchasing from a ticketing agent of high repute in areas across Europe. This price is just a drop in the ocean when you consider the possibility of winning millions of Euro money!

Ways of Betting on Superenalotto

· For betting, you can buy tickets from a worldwide store for lottery tickets. Obviously, if you reside outside Italy, you need to think of purchasing a ticket from a site for global ticketing, found online.

· However, if you are from Italy, it would be better for you to purchase the tickets for the game from one of the official sellers of tickets in Italy. 

· The reason for this is that the participation fees of such websites for global ticketing are normally higher that the official outlets for tickets.

· The Superenalotto’s winning numbers are drawn from Lottomatica’s local draws for lotto in cities such as Bari, Milan, Naples, Florence, Palermo and Rome.

Superstar Number

· You can also purchase the number known as ‘superstar’ in this lottery game. The superstar costs more and its drawing is carried out separately from the draw for the main jackpot.

· It is possible that the winning number might be similar to the winning numbers in the normal drawing of the jolly number’s drawing. Most Italian players opt to play this form since no tax is applied to the winnings.

· Additionally, it is possible to pay out the jackpot once a year or in one lump amount.


The greatest aspect about this game is that lottery players from various areas of the world can also take part in this popular lottery game. They can do this through the online lottery store.

Therefore, it does not matter which country you reside; you can take part in this great game.

Place your bet today and you could be transformed into an instant millionaire!