Online Lottery Group Play

Lottery Syndicates are a great way of playing organised lotteries as they are able to enhance your chances but also offer a very efficient and economic way of playing. The setting up a lottery syndicate among colleagues and friends can become quite onerous; each syndicate agreeing amounts to play certain lotteries and the continual collection of monies, probably being the greatest hassle factor. This degree of administration just makes the whole process time consuming and a chore as opposed to pleasurable and exciting.

Therefore why not take all the hassle and administration away and give yourself a very easy and efficient way to play in a well organised online lottery syndicate company structure where everything is taken care of for you.

Our system initiated in December 2010 and offers lottery players three internationally recognised products with many more being launched over the coming months.

The lottery syndicate is the first major brand being offered by the lottery syndicate brand. Taking part in this lottery game Guarantees your syndicate at least one number in every draw, matching on one line or another. As you join the UK Lotto Syndicate, you participate in a 49 robust group which will enjoy 88 chances of winning every week that you play.

The lottery syndicate is the second major brand being offered by the lottery syndicate range of products. In common with the UK Lotto Syndicate theme, the Euro Millions syndicate offers lotto players 36 lines / entries in to each EuoMillions draw, with 5 common numbers being shared on each line and of course those two wonderful Luck Star numbers. This feature ensures that ALL POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS of the two lucky star numbers are catered for in each syndicate.

The Spanish Superdraw syndicate is the third major brand being offer by Big Fat Syndicate Lotteries and as the name suggests includes the fabulous El Gordo Christmas Draw. So why not play the Spanish Super draw syndicate on line through Big Fat Lotteries. Using this method ensures that every Spanish Superdraw Syndicate will win a cash prize in the Christmas El Gordo draw, three cash prizes in January’s El Nino draw as well as a series of Guaranteed cash prizes in all the Sorteos Extraordinarios through out the year. Even not all online casinos with the best bonuses can provide you with such truly huge chances of being a winner.

Welcome, you are invited to play the amazing lottery syndicate right here and now!

The World’s all inclusive multi-lottery system, lottery syndicate, has arrived and welcomes all lotto players. The month of December in 2010 saw the launch of this cost effective and top echelon gaming experience.

There are 3 monthly syndicate options with lottery syndicate comprising of Gold (£34), Silver (£18) & Bronze (£10). Instead of participating in a traditional lottery syndicate where you play just the one game, lottery syndicate, brings a much wider choice which includes the lottery syndicate player in different games each playing week. For example, whichever choice you make and opt in for you will receive entries in to:

• Entries in to the Premium Bonds Draw
• Entries in to the Daily Draw
• Entries in to Saturday UK Lotto
• Entries in to the Friday EuroMillions Draw
• Entries in to the Euromillions Millionaire Raffle
• Entries in to the Wednesday UK National Lottery

Therefore, playing lotteries through a lottery syndicate has some great additional benefits. With a maximum of 21 players in each syndicate means that any cash prizes are shared solely among the 21 members. Interestingly enough one in four jackpots are won through a lottery syndicate. Once you have joined everything is taken care of, including syndicate placement, your syndicate numbers being checked and of course all winnings being shared out and allocated to your account. In essence it is so easy, simple and effective.

So why not join a lottery syndicate today and enjoy playing multiple lottery games in a new lottery experience.