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The Next Rich Man Of Australia Should Keep The Oz Lotto Ticket Safe

One person in Australia with an Oz Lotto ticket must get ready to become rich. The jackpot for the lottery has rolled over for quite a few times now and we can expect someone to win big very soon. The Oz Lotto, which is played with 7 numbers to match, is one of the most famous lotteries in Australia. The draws are conducted on every Tuesday. Since there are 7 numbers to match, even if no one wins the jackpot there are many other winners of some great cash prizes. 

Currently the Oz Lotto jackpot is fully swollen up and the next draw for the huge $40 million will be held on August 11, 2015. If someone wins the jackpot this coming Tuesday, that person is definitely going to see a huge change in their life. The prize money for the latest draw was $30 million. No one could win the jackpot but there were many other winners who went away with some huge secondary prizes. The division two prize money was just a little more than 24 thousand dollars. There were 13 players who had the ticket numbers that matched the second division prize.

There were 150 winners for the third division prize as well. This was the 1120th draw for Oz Lotto and there were literally hundreds of thousands of players who won something out of the lottery even if they were not able to hit the jackpot. The jackpot number for the latest draw was 14-19-40-9-44-8-41 with 18 and 4 as supplementary numbers to take the jackpot amount even higher. Oz Lotto starts with $2 million and this rollover started officially on the draw that took place on June 30, 2015. The draw just before that saw a winner of the huge jackpot. 

The last jackpot was won on June 23, 2015. The jackpot prize was $15 million so you can already see that the current jackpot is even more than double of this jackpot. The winning number for the last jackpot was 36-2-5-45-19-27-9 with supplementary numbers as 41 and 7. This huge jackpot was won by only one ticket. The second division prize went to 4 people and the prize for this division was $48,509. The last prize for this draw was $13.45. Just on May 26, 2015 a syndicate had won a huge $30 million jackpot on the 1110th draw of the lottery.

This was a very unique win for the syndicate. Two of the players with the ticket number had already come forward as soon as the results were announced and became part of the media. This huge jackpot was won with numbers: 26-9-42-39-32-40-44 with 11 and 4 as supplementary numbers. The interesting thing about this win was that there was someone else who had this ticket – it was the manager of the kiosk from where the ticket came out. The manager says he had chosen these numbers because they had not appeared for quite some time and later on he had decided to give the ticket to the syndicate.